The outlook is one of the email client platforms for business communication developed by Microsoft which people used most widely. The interface of outlook is easy to use and it has top security protocols for effective secure communication. The users sometimes face certain issues while using outlook and the top issues occur is that Outlook keeps asking for the password. The problem of asking for the password again and again by outlook can be due to a recent Windows update or your Outlook settings. Updating windows improve your system’s performance, functions, and much more stability. Sometimes these updates can cause certain issues to pop up. If the outlook keeps troubling you with the login prompts, it could be the reason for these updates. A list of possible solutions is provided by our team for solving this issue.

Solutions for Outlook Keeps Asking for Password

To overcome these problems, our team has provided different solutions. Though, it looks like not a big deal hence, we believe the solutions given below will surely correct the issue.

Solution 1: Enable the Remember Password Option

Beginning with the easiest solution. If you check the Remember Password option while logging in, the outlook will log in to your account automatically without prompting you. You will have to enable the option by doing the following steps.

  • Run Outlook, go to the File tab (or Press Alt Then F) and click on Account Settings.
  • Select your account under the Email tab.
  • At the bottom of the Change Account window, locate the ‘Remember Password’ option.
  • Make sure to check the Remember Password option.

Outlook Keeps Asking for Password

  • Restart the Outlook and the account would be logged in automatically.

Solution 2: Clear Cached Passwords if Outlook Keeps Asking for Password

The first thing you need to try would be to clear your cached passwords (located in the Control Panel). Below you can find how to clear the cache passwords.

  • To open Control Panel, Go to the Start Menu and search for Control Panel.
  • Explore the options by changing “View By” located under the address bar on the right-hand side, to Large Icons.
  • Navigate to User Accounts.

Outlook Keeps Asking for Password

  • Click on ‘Manage your credentials’ on the left-hand side.

Outlook Keeps Asking for Password

  • In both the Windows Credentials and Generic Credentials, select the credentials for Lync, Outlook, and Microsoft.
  • Click on Details and select Remove from Vault.
  • Restart your system and hopefully, the problem won’t exist.

Solution 3: Uncheck the ‘Always Prompt for Logon Credentials’ Option

There could be a chance you’ve configured the outlook application for prompting to enter the password again and again. Eliminate this possibility in the following ways:

  • Launch Outlook.
  • Go to the File tab (or Press Alt Then F) and then select Account Settings.
  • In the Account Settings section, select the Email tab (would be the first tab).
  • Highlight your account and click on Change.

  • Click on the More Settings button.

Outlook Keeps Asking for Password

  • In more settings, switch to the Security tab.
  • There will be an option called ‘Always prompt for logon credentials’, unselect the option under user identification.
  • Click OK and then close your Outlook.
  • Restart the software and it won’t prompt you for more login.

Solution 4: Creating a new Profile

Sometimes, a corrupt/damaged profile or a bug with it can cause the said problem. You can create a new profile to eliminate such an issue in the following ways:

  • Go to the Start Menu to open the Control Panel.
  • (make sure that you have closed the Outlook application)
  • Click on Mail and choose the Show Profiles button and then select Add (as shown in the image below).

  • Enter the name of the new profile and then select OK.
  • Enter your name and email and click Next.
  • Now, click Finish and select your profile as the ‘Always use this profile’.
  • Click OK and it’s done.

Solution 5: Update Outlook

  • As we’ve given many solutions and if no solution works, there might be something wrong with your Outlook application. At this point, updating your Outlook application to the latest version can fix the problem surely.
  • Open Outlook and go to File and then select About Outlook.
  • Select Office Account and there will be an option called Update options.

Outlook Keeps Asking for Password

  • Finally, select the Update now entry from the list to search for any new updates.

Conclusion for Outlook Keeps Asking for Password

If you’re still unable to correct the issue and still the Outlook Keeps Asking for Password, you can write to the official authority of Microsoft. You can also try reinstalling the MS Office.